This page will outline what CE-related steps need to be taken the day of each session of a regularly scheduled series (RSS) along with how attendees will claim their CE credit.

Disclosure to the Audience:

  • The ACCME and ACPE require statements regarding any financial disclosure or commercial support (or lack thereof), along with the accreditation & credit designation statements to be displayed to the audience at the beginning of the activity.
  • The CE office will supply these statements to the activity planner or director to display. There are several ways in which this information can be displayed:
    • A small slide set that will auto-cycle when attendees are joining the event.
    • A single document that can be printed out or shown virtually (Ex. CE- approved Flyer)

Credit Claiming Process:

  1. The activity planner and/or Activity Director will submit the required pre-documentation through a workflow in the CE Learning Platform (further training will be provided upon accreditation). 
  2.  The CE office will make sure the proper documentation is submitted and filled out correctly.
  3.  Upon approval by the CE office, the faculty member that submitted the documentation will receive a 6-letter attendance code that they will enter into the following PowerPoint slide to share at the end of each session File SMS Text Code to Claim Credit.pptx
  4. Attendees will text the code to the phone number provided in the PowerPoint slide, and will automatically receive CE credit.


  • To use text-attendance, attendees must first set up their mobile device in their profile on the CE Learning Platform. Many of those with profiles have already done so however, the CE office has directions for planners to share with anyone that inquires. PDF iconmobile phone update.pdf
  • The CE office will not supply the text-code for the activity if the required pre-documentation is not submitted in a timely manner prior to the activity. This will result in the activity being held with no CE credit to offer.