Thank you for your interest in accredited continuing education (CE) for healthcare professionals! Please fill out this pre-planning form to the best of your ability. If you are not sure how to respond, select the answer that best fits with your current plans. You will have the opportunity to make changes throughout the planning process. A team member will contact you to discuss next steps in the CE application approval process.

Please note the following parameters for certified education:

Eligible Content for Continuing Education

Proposed education is evidence-based and addresses a practice gap. 
Unbiased and independent of industry influence 

Eligible Planning Team Members, Faculty, and Speakers

All members of the planning team must complete a disclosure form prior to completing an application for accreditation: Advocate Health Accredited Continuing Education Disclosure of Financial Relationships Form. Other faculty and speakers will also be required to disclose but can do so after an application is submitted but before the education takes place. 

Owners or employees of ineligible companies cannot participate in the planning or presentation of accredited CE. Our accrediting body states that “ineligible companies” are those whose primary business is producing, marketing, selling, re-selling, or distributing healthcare products used by or on patients.

Target Audiences

A minimum of 5 clinicians from each approved credit type must attend and claim credit per session/activity
Primarily Advocate Health team members


10 weeks for live/single activities, may be shorter depending on team member availability
4 weeks for series and/or on-demand education 
2-3 weeks to post content/open registration on CE Learning Platform after accreditation is finalized

Educational Formats

Single, live conferences (in person or virtual)
Series lectures or case conferences (at least 4 sessions each year, same audience, different topics)
Independent Study


All registration for conferences (live or virtual) are required to go through the CE Learning Platform

Marketing and Branding

All promotion of continuing education needs to be approved prior to distribution.
Refer to our guidelines for promoting CE File Guidelines for Promoting Accredited Continuing Education.docx


Mergener formula for enduring material: Mergener formula link

If you have any questions, please contact the IPCE Office at
If you have any questions regarding nursing please contact
If you have any questions regarding pharmacy please contact

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