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For the 2023 renewal, each license holder will be required to take two of the required 30 hours related to prescribing opioids and other controlled substances. These courses must be AMA or AOA Category 1, but no longer require specific approval from the Medical Examining Board. Physicians who do not hold a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration number to prescribe controlled substances are exempted under the rules

The MEB has created additional options and flexibility for obtaining CME with this new rule, which was completed in time for the current 2021-2023 CME reporting period.

First, the rule provision requiring that two required CME hours relate to responsible opioid prescribing has been expanded to include courses or programs concerning controlled substances in general, and not just opioid controlled substances. This rule also aligns with the standards adopted for program approval by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to fulfill their 8-hour requirement.

Second, the Board removed the requirement that CME related to opioid prescribing or controlled substances be preapproved by the MEB. The preapproval requirement had become outdated and limited options for physicians. It also created an increased administrative burden surrounding approval and allowed certain programs a functional monopoly on the renewal requirement. By eliminating it, the Board is reducing red tape and increasing options for physicians to take CME that is appropriate and useful to their practice while still aligning with the Board’s values and standards.

Third, the rule removes a sunset provision in the former rule, so the new two-hour requirement is permanent going forward. 

Note: The 30 CME hours total, required over the two-year license period, remains at 30 hours. 


If you are looking for information on the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) licensing requirements, visit this page: DEA Licensure Requirements

Requirements are subject to change, and each professional is responsible for ensuring that they are meeting the requirements for their licensure. 


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    Controlled substance license holders must complete 2 CME hours on safe opioid prescribing practices offered or accredited by a professional association, state government agency, or federal agency. CME taken by physicians as a requirement for licensure in another state, or for purposes of board certification application or renewal, count towards this new requirement. AAH education to help you meet these requirements.